House, Disco, Art, Liberty, SleazeDescribed by The Guardian as “Bristol’s best gay dance party” Horseplay is a queer-leaning art-disco-club with a positive vibe and a fine dusting of glitter and sleaze. Horseplay began in April 2011, and has held regular club events since. Produced by Unstabled, it’s a hedonistic party where people can dance without inhibition in a haze of smoke and lasers, but it’s also a platform for performance art, and a community of like-minded people.

The Horseplay resident jockeys Pony, Bronco and Jim Carna play a frisky mix of underground house and disco. Sometimes they host international DJs or hold theme parties, such as their Yves Klein inspired Blue Party, Andy Warhol Silver Factory party, or sensory event Synaesthesia. They like to mix it up.

Horseplay is developing a reputation locally and nationally for presenting playful art, music and performance as part of the night. They’ve hosted artists, DJs and musicians such as Octo Octa, Rrose, Horsemeat Disco, Little Boots, Rosana Cade, FK Alexander, Panther Panther, Queen of Hearts, Antoni Maiovvi and Kucka.

Horseplay have held wild parties in a number of surreal places, including an abandoned strip-club, the autopsy room of an old coroner’s courts and in the underground cells of an old police station. Their audiences have been fed pavlova by drag-ballerinas, had their genitals immortalised by an illustrator and displayed on the walls of the club and been visually assaulted by a huge range of avant-garde podium performances.

Horseplay is a Bristol based party. Their bigger spinoff party Dressage was created to be performed at Festivals (In Between Time, Bristol Pride, Love Saves The Day, Shambala)

Life Outside London – QX Magazine 2015
Clubs Pick of The Week – Guardian 2015
Bronco of Horseplay – Dalston Superstore 2015
Pony Tricks – QX Magazine 2013

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