A Mouthful Of Feathers (2010)

  • Aeon Bristol, 11th October 2010
  • Arnolfini Bristol, 1st December, 2010

A bold queer performance exploring play, pleasure, spit and disgust. Through the actions of spitting, sucking and the secretion of spit, two performers playfully endure the limits of their own revulsions as spit and sugar become intermingled and colour is transferred from mouth to mouth and mouth to cloth.


La Petite Mort (2009)

  • Battersea Arts Centre, London, 11th September 2009
  • The Secret Warehouse, Bristol, 18th September 2009
  • EYHO, Boneyard Bar Bristol, 12th November 2009

Set to Wagner’s ‘Liebestod’ (Love Death) from Tristan Und Isolde, the artist enacts a series of small deaths. Beginning naked, facing the far wall of the space and wearing a number of pearl necklaces, the performer carefully pours a can of treacle over his shoulders. The treacle slowly runs over his body to the floor; a slick, shining black curtain creeping over his skin. Walking slowly backwards into the space as the Liebestod comes to its climax, the artist purposefully breaks each necklace by extending his arm against the pearls until the strings reach breaking point, scattering the pearls across the floor of the space. As each string is pushed to its limit, the artists’ breathing is restricted as the pearls tighten around his neck.


(Inter)Action for 21 Carnations (2009)

  • Arnolfini, Bristol, 07th February 2009

A steward holds a small card with the words ‘Follow Me’ which she uses to solicit the attention of strangers who have strayed from the bar. Those who choose to follow are lead to a private, darkened space. In the space there is a suitcase, containing 20 pink carnations. Silently, the steward pins the carnation to the clothing of the audience member. The encounter ends with the presentation of another card – “Please don’t tell anybody what happened here”. The audience member is returned to the gathering.

The Moment Before We Kiss ( 2008 )

  • Cube Cinema, You and Your Work 4, Bristol 24th January 2008
  • Elevator Gallery, Zero Du Conduite, London 14th March 2008
  • FIERCE Festival, Birmingham, 23rd – 26th May 2008

Two strangers meet.
They move their lips together to kiss.
Their lips never touch.

A one to one in which participants visited Jones at a private rented flat to experience to moment just before the kiss. Jones welcomed each participant with wine and conversation about first and worst kisses before inviting them to his bedroom to experience the moment before the kiss. Included in the festival as winner of the FIERCE Festival public vote.


Define Me [STRIP] (2007-2009)

  • 17/11/07 ‘In the Flesh’ Festival, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth
  • 12/01/08 ‘Good Shit From Bristol’ Weekender, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol
  • 06/11/09 ‘Act Art 7’, Hidden, London

In Silence

1. The artist and participant will meet in a private space.
2. The artist and participant will undress, together.
3. The artist will write upon the body of the participant.
4. The participant will write upon the body of the artist.
5. The artist and participant will dress, together.
6. The participant will leave.


  • Laban Dance Theatre Journal
    Review ‘Define Me’ at Arnolfini. 22:4 Summer 2008
  • Local Body of Work
    11/01/2008, Interview/Preview Metro Newspaper

La Pocha Nostra: The New Barbarian Collection Fall 2007

  • 03/11/2007, Arnolfini (Bristol)


  • Designer Primitives on the Runaway Runway
    Summer/Fall 2008, TheatreForum, Guillermo Gomez Penagood1Fragile (2006/07)

    • Audi Garage Artspace, Bristol, 2006
    • St Paul’s Church Crypt, Bristol, 2007
    • Collision Festival, London, 2007
    Large White Balloons, Twine, Strobe LEDs, Soundscape

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